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Edward Carpenter Exhibit In San Francisco

sfpl-1My Days and Dreams: The Worlds of Edward Carpenter, Gay Freedom Pioneer

In January of 2009 the San Francisco Public Library mounted a month long exhibition entitled My Days and Dreams: The Worlds of Edward Carpenter, Gay Freedom Pioneer curated by EC Forum co-founder and website co-editor Joey Cain.  The exhibit coincided with Shiela Rowbotham's appearance in the San Francisco Bay Area to promote her book Edward Carpenter: A Life of Liberty and Love. We are pleased to present a web version of the exhibition.

Edward Carpenter (1844-1929) was a proponent of a "larger" Socialism, one that embraced the liberation of the emotional and spiritual life along with the economic. A small-holding farmer and cultural and political activist, he advocated the Simplification of Life and put his beliefs into practice. A man of letters, he published over 20 books, including his collection of poems Towards Democracy, and numerous additional articles. He campaigned through out his life on many issues of social concern, ranging from women's suffrage to the protection of the environment, from sexual emancipation to the formation of trade unions. A unifying spiritual vision underlay all of his life and work. As a homosexual man, he lived openly and in quiet celebration while his writings and example laid the foundation for the homosexual freedom movement of the twentieth century. More on Edward Carpenter...
Through his many friendships, Edward Carpenter transversed again and again the divisions of class, gender, sexuality, race and creed. Men and women from across the world and from all walks of life came into connection with each other through him and his home at Millthorpe in Derbyshire, England. Appreciative of this, the Edward Carpenter Forum welcomes a diversity of men and women from around the world and from a wide range of interest groups; social, political or academic.